Fall Fundraiser

We try to limit our fundraising “asks” so that our students can focus in the classroom! Many of the activities and programs that make Martin Middle School so special would not be possible without the funding from the PTA.  At Martin, we have two groups in need of your financial support:

  • Our General PTA fund, which supports academic, technology, and other needs in the classroom.  Thank you to our 2017 supporters listed below!
  • Big Red Booster Club, which supports our athletic and arts programs.  Thank you to our 2017-2018 supporters!

It’s Fall Fundraiser Time!  Our big fundraiser is here–The Fall No-Fuss Fundraiser! We appreciate your support as we strive to reach our $35,000 goal!

How can you participate?

  • Click the button above to donate today online at https://martin2017nofussfundraiser.cheddarup.com

Thank you to our 2017 Supporters

 Range Boss—$1,000

Rebekah and John Chiavetta

The Madden Family

Wilkinson Family Foundation



The Briggs Family


Lead Rider—$500

Amy and Robby Brinley

Carolyn and Jonathan Fendelman

Dora & Karthik Kripapuri

Haze and Leigh Ann Lancaster

Julie and John Seibert

Karen and Brooks Malone

Lennie and Holly Austin

Sridhar Karuturi

The Foreman Family

The Grimes Family

Tracy and Scott Wallingford





Ashley and Dave Fuller

Brady and Jenny Wells

Clare Dorn

Elizabeth and Jay Newman

Joel Duquene and Ya-Li Wang

Jonathan & Kathryn Sobel

Kristen Doherty

Laura Goulian

Lee and Leah Ragsdale

Lise and David Sherlin

Rebecca & Chris Cooper

The Agrawal Family

The Lanier Family

The Millican Family

The Strickland Family

Tom Hahl and Bari Lawhorn



Von Weihe Family



Edmund and Mollie Waddill

Steve Errico

The Pramojaney/Loo Family

Ulanch Family





Allegra Collins

Allison Cain

Amy Houser

Bonner Anthony

Brent and Maureen Bizyak

Connie Dimitroff

Creech Family

Deborah Blomquist

Finch Family

Gina and Todd Brosius

Hardsion Family

Hesta Monday

Hlabse Family

Jacqueline Barber

Jamie and Nicole Royster

Jenn & Matt Johnson

Jennifer Bluestone

Kenneth Walls

Kirsten Nielson & Philip Diaz

Laura Ari

Leslie and Brad Davis

Lisa Glover and Stephen Keith

Loyd & Suzanne Graves

Lyric Kinard

Maggie and Matt Spaloss

Mahi Patel’s Family

Marcy Engler

Margaret Westbrook & Philip Baddour

Michelle Smith

Nicolaus Copernicus

Nikki Corderman

Per & Susan Kroll

Rusty & Mandy Kelley

Sharon Lakins

Suddreth Family

The Asbills

The Cox Family

The Dickinson Family

The Drabenstott Family

The Enders Family

The Gilbert Family

The Green Family

The Harvey Family

The Jameson Family

The McLoughlin Family

The Trexler Family

The Trunkey Family

The Wing Family

Tiffany & Mark Thompson



Akash James

Ana Ison



Anthony Park

Anupama Singh

Avery Crane

Brian Stratton

Bridgette Burge

Goodman Family

Kathleen Neff

Kirsty Blowers

Lawson Cain

Leah Dail

Lennon Family

Matt & Kim Walker

Maness Family

Melissa Snell

Michael and Lisa Mesnard

Murali Medikonda

Patrick & Tina Daly

Pena Family

Praveen & Sree Tatineni

Radhikha Medikonda

Roger Gore & Ersilia Sarno

Sarah Sheridan

Suren Velagapudi

The Anderson Family

The Cao Family

The Lefere Family

The McCaskill FamilyThe Plante Family

The Tomforde Family

Tracey Noble

Tracy Isacco


Other Amount

Alexander Family

April Maclaga

Ball Family

Cannon Family

Clea Grimm Pizzo

David Ferguson

Deyu Xie

Emily Barrett

Eva Boyce

Filardi Family

Gina Kirkland

Jennifer Johnson

John Shutt

Kalpana Thoom

Khalid Elamin malik

Kris Hines

Michael & Larkke Flood

Natasha Durrette

Nicole and Gary Kreiser

Russell Strickland

Shannon Proctor

Sherry Kaskawits

Teresa Moore

The Cormier Family

The Marquez Family

The Richards Family

The Watson Family

Thoom Family

Vandana Vavilikolane

Xiangming Hu

Thank you for your support and commitment to Martin students and teachers!

Is there an error or would you prefer for your donation to be anonymous? No problem– contact us and we’ll take care of it!