2016 Fall Fundraiser Supporters

We try to limit our fundraising “asks” so that our students can focus in the classroom! Many of the activities and programs that make Martin Middle School so special would not be possible without the funding from the PTA.

At Martin, we have two groups in need of your financial support:

  1. Our General PTA fund, which supports academic, technology, and other needs in the classroom.  Thank you to our 2016-17 supporters!

  2. Big Red Booster Club, which supports our athletic and arts programs.  Thank you to our 2016-2017 supporters!


Our Supporters!


Amy and Robby Brinley

John and Rebekah Chiavetta

The Madden Family

Become a Legend!



Brett & Kim Foreman

Caroline Cheek-Hill and Martin Hill

Doug & Ashley Walker

Haze and Leigh-Anne Lancaster

Jim & Christy Cleveland 

Karen and Brooks Malone

Lennie and Holly Austin

Mark and Katherine Rostick

Richard and Tammy Cook

The Gilbert Family

The Strickland Family

The Von Weihe Family

The Winslow Family

Become a Hall of Famer!


Anita Sawhney DDS

Cindy and Steve Garris

Haze and Leigh-Anne Lancaster

Jay and Elizabeth Newman

Jeana & Graham Young

Jon & Krisiti Ward

Kendrick & Brandon Fentress

Leigh Ann and Roger Smith

Morgan & Philip Crawford

Robert & Kimberly Szarek

Stacy & Eric Rusak

Steve Smalto & G. Patricia Herrera

The Harveys

The Klibson Family

The Olivas

The Roylance Family

Tom and Judy Scorza

Wes and Connie Smith

Become an All-Star!


Albert & Ashley May

Alison McConnell Spransy

Andrea & Doug Trowell





Anupama Amit

Art & Susie Mallard Barnes

Avery and Tommy Roberts

Cain Family

Carl Ginet & Sally McConnell-Ginet

Caroline Farmer

Chip and Sarah Matejowsky

Cissy and Grant Livengood

Courtney and Zack Bolen

Creek Central LLC

Deb and John Finan

Elizabeth Bowen

Fabian Marquez and Ryan Murphy

George Spransy

Gordon & Lora Grimes

Goulian Family

Greg and Ann McNevin

Hirwa Patel

Jacqueline Barber

James and Lauren Hauser

Jeff and Vivian Lin

Jennifer Bluestone

Jennifer Venable

Judy and Mike Mullins

Julie and John Seibert

Julie and Mac Beeson

Kelly Wurtz

Ken & Suzanne Brooks

Kim & Matt Walker

Kroll Family

Lee and Leah Ragsdale

Lennon Family

Lenora Montgomery

Linda & Bruce Mildwurf

Mara Buxbaum

Margaret Westbrook & Phillip Baddour

Maria Gruskin

Mary and Brent Wood

Matt and Ellen Nespeca

Michael & Lisa Mesnard

Michelle and Tomas Moreno

Mike Cole

Mike & Jamye Donovan

Nielsen-Diaz family

Queen Family

Rabin Family

Rob & Beth Dickinson

Steve Errico

Sydney Porter’s Family

The Ari Famly

The Causey Family

The Cooper Family

The Devlaliwalla Family

The Edge Family

The Finch Family

The Foppiano Family

The Fortner Family

The Leibert Family

The Mauro Family

The Morgan Family

The Moriarty Family

The Neal Family

The Passey Family

The Plante Family

The Pramojaney/Loo Family

The Rodehutskors Family

The Russell Family

The Snell Family

The Wheeler Family

The Wing Family

The Wright Family

Trey & Chris Bason

Vandana Agarwal

Wayne & Gena Bancroft

Wendy & John Burkard

Wong Family

Yeva & Jeff Byzek

Become a Starter!


Alan & Dara Finkelstein

Alex Manuel & Family

Andrew and Mary Cox

Annette Sheppard












Betsy & Jonathan Flahive

Brain & Natalie Cox

Byrd and Sam Kirby

Eric & Peg Dickinson

Isacco Family

Jay & Elizabeth Newman

Jeff & Deborah Edward

Jerry Gschwind

Jim & Annie Roberts

Jordan Harrell & Family

Karen Skaggs

Kathleen & Glen Neff

Kristen & David Sloop

Lindsay and Britt Hopkins

Lisa Price

Maria Mayorga

Matthew Pare

McLaughlin Family

Meg Powell

Melissa Kakavas

Mike & Juli Trexler

Mike & Jamye Donovan

Nirmal Gandi

Oliver & Oliver, PLLC   

Rina Nijhawan

Robin Mangum

Shannon and Rob Anderson

Shaun Dunning

Sherrie Geikie

Sofia Gore & Family

Steve Errico

The Bartis Family

The Boettcher Family

The Cao Famly

The Chester-Thompson Family

The Dempster Family

The Enders Family

The Goodman Family

The Hingos Family

The Kaplinger Family

The Lakins Family

The Maness Family

The Mastropaolo Family

The McNally Family

The Naftolin Family

The Ohmann Family

The Richards Family

The Rodillas Family

The von Haefen Family

The Watson Family

The Witherspoon Family

The Xie Famly

Tiffany Laliberte

Yiu Yung

Become a Rookie!


Alexander Family

Ambati Family

Anna Shartzer




Asbill family

Ashley Greene

Britt Tolliver

Catherine Anthony

Deb Oliver Blomquist

Emily Parks

Gretchen Smith

John & Lisa Pace

Julia Warren-Ulanch 

Leah Dail

Lisa Obernesser

Lisa Vlastelica & Dave Ruslander

Lynn Bischoff

Mariem Souissi

Maura Tourian

Michael and Ashleigh Cannon

Nana T & Grandy

North Family

Patricia Merz

Sanjay Patil

The Agrawal Family

The Chandler Family

The Crane Family

The Eacret Family

The Eyman Family

The Ghosal Family

The Kirkland Family

The Kreiser Family

The Link Family

The Mottershead Family

The Pillay Family

The Waddill Family

The Wells Family

The Wildblood Family

Ward & Cynthia Baggett

Winifred Rhea-Unruh

William Bauer

Zack Cook

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Thank you for your support and commitment to Martin students and teachers!

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