Boxtops for Martin


Help Martin reach our very first goal of $4,000 by December 2014!

Boxtops for Education is a program that benefits Martin Middle School by earning cash from each official 10 cent boxtop symbol that is turned in to the school.  General Mills sponsors this program and the pink symbol can be found on countless  brands of food, clothing and paper products. 

Please clip boxtops and turn them in with your child’s name on the bag.  A wooden collection box is now available in the school office to submit your boxtops and prizes will be raffled off through the year to students who are participating.    Did you know that  every school in America is eligible to earn $20,000 each year???  PLEASE HELP US EARN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Check your kitchen cabinets, office supplies and toiletries.  Fresh food, snacks, even Whole Foods carries Cascadian Farms brand that is an official boxtop partner.  Please take a minute to look at the website and take note of where you can find them!

See the Full list of boxtop products here or go to

Questions?  Contact ( an MMS mom and co-chair of the boxtop program at Lacy Elementary)