Cyberbullying Sessions

Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Marchiando will be visiting 7th grade classes to share information about cyberbullying.  The mini lessons begin with a questionnaire which helps students identify whether they are exhibiting cyberbullying behaviors.  Classroom lessons will be 20-25 minutes in length.  The schedule will be as follows:

  • Innovators – Wednesday 11/13
  • Explorers – Thursday 11/14
  • Voyagers – Thursday 11/21

Parents, we are asking for your help in reducing the amount of cyberbullying that takes place by asking you to go over the questionnaire with your child and addressing any areas of concern with them.  It is never to late to help them establish more positive behaviors.  Thank you!

Bullying Tip Line: Have your or someone you know been a victim of verbal or cyber-bullying?  If so, report it today to Martin’s bully tipline 881-1435

For more information on Cyberbullying, contact us below: